Messages of Quaid-e-Azam

Message Sent to the Refugees on the Occasion of Tour of the Not-affected Areas, Karachi



9 Jan 1948
I quite understand the feeling of the Muslim refugees and those who have suffered and they have my fullest sympathy, but they must restrain themselves and act as responsible men and not abuse the hospitality that has been extended to them and forget all that is being done for them to make their lot happier. I once more want to impress upon all Muslims that they should fully cooperate with the government and the officials in protecting their hindu neighbors against these lawless elements, fifth-columnists and the cliques who are responsible for creating these disturbances and restore trust and confidence amongst all the communities. Pakistan must be governed through the properly constituted government and not by cliques, or fifth-columnists or a mob and the Pakistan Government are going to take the severest possible measures against the offenders/ and they shall be dealt with sternly and ruthlessly. I fully sympathize with hindus many of whom have been misled by propaganda that is being carried on to pull them out of Sindh, with an ulterior motive and as a result many innocent hindus have seriously suffered. With regard to this unfortunate trouble, it is not yet known who was responsible for bringing the Sikhs to Karachi and arranging to lodge them at the Gurdwara without informing the District Magistrate, Sindh, or any Sindh Authority or Police: this is a matter which requires thorough investigation. At present it seems somewhat mysterious, but it is going to be fully investigated.
(A.P.I.) The Civil & Military Gazette, January 11, 1948.

Rehabilitation of Refugees



2 Feb 1948
Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Bengal Oil Mills
It has given me great pleasure to come here today to perform the opening ceremony of the Bengal Oil Mills. Every new mill or factory means a step forward on the road to the economic stabilization of our country and the prosperity of its people. Millions of our brethren have been displaced by the cataclysm that attended the birth of Pakistan. Most of them have lost all their worldly belongings as also their means of livelihood. Their rehabilitation presents a problem of colossal magnitude, the successful solution of which would require the concerted efforts of the government and the people. The response to the Quaid-e-Azam's Relief Fund has been magnificent and the munificence of people like you will go a long way in mitigating the suffering of the stricken but gratuitous relief and doles are only palliatives and do not provide a satisfactory solution of the refugees' problem. We do not merely want to keep these unfortunate people alive as a drag on society - we want them to live as self-respecting, self-relying and useful members of society. All the refugees are not agriculturists and even all the agriculturists cannot be settled on land without fragmenting the available arable land into small un-economic holdings.
The only way in which these people can be put on their feet again is the rapid industrialization of the country which would provide new avenues of employment for them. Nature has blessed us with plenty of raw materials and it is now up to us to harness our resources to the best advantage of our state and its people. You have mentioned the trials and tribulations of the Muslims of Kathiawar during the last few stormy months. While I fully sympathize with them in their suffering, I am sure they will not be overwhelmed by these temporary setbacks. Their resilience will enable them to weather these storms with equanimity and by their resourcefulness and spirit of enterprise they would soon retrieve their lost fortunes. I thank you once again for your generous contributions to the relief fund and I wish your venture all success and prosperity and hope that it may prove a precursor to many more enterprises for which there is so much scope in Pakistan.

Achievements of the First Year



14 Aug 1948

A Firm Basis for Optimism
Message to the nation on the occasion of the First Anniversary of Pakistan Citizens of Pakistan!
Today, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our freedom. A year ago complete power was transferred to the people of Pakistan and the Pakistan Government, under the present constitution as adapted, took over charge of the affairs of the country in its own hands. We have faced the year with courage, determination and imagination and the record of our achievements has been a wonderful one in warding off the blows of the enemy which have been so often referred to before, especially the pre-planned genocide and pushing on with real constructive work internally.
The result of our constructive and ameliorative work has gone far beyond the expectations of our best friends. I congratulate you all—my Ministers under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Members of the Constituent Assembly and of the legislatures, officials working in various administrative departments and the members of the Defense Forces, for what you have achieved during so short a period and I thank the people of Pakistan from whom we have received patience and genuine support in every effort that we have, made to put forward the programe of the first year. But that is not enough. Remember, that the establishment of Pakistan is a fact of which there is no parallel in the history of the world. It is one of the largest Muslim States in the world and it is destined to play its magnificent part year after year, as we go on, provided we serve Pakistan honestly, earnestly and selflessly.
I have full faith in my people that they will rise to every occasion worthy of our past Islamic history, glory and traditions. The story of the millions of refugees who had to flee from their homes across our borders and seek asylum in Pakistan is well known to you all. The tragedy occurred even before our state had time to settle down. In fact it involved also a large proportion of the people who, as government personnel, were to set up the very machinery of the state. I know that it has not been possible to do all that might have been desired for these homeless and oppressed brethren of ours. There are still many hardships that many of them have to face. But the very fact that large number of the refugees have already been rehabilitated in their new home with the prospect of a new and a happier life ahead of them is an achievement of no mean order. But for the spirit of brotherhood shown by the people of Pakistan and the courage with which the, people as well as the government faced the almost overwhelming difficulties created by, a catastrophe, unparalleled in the history of the world, the entire structure of the state might well have crumbled down. Disappointed in their efforts by other means to strangle the new state at its very birth, our enemies yet hoped that economic man oeuvres would achieve the object they had at heart. With all the wealth of argument and detail, which malice could invent or ill-will devise, they prophesied that Pakistan would be left bankrupt. And what the fire and sword of the enemy could not achieve, would be brought about by the ruined finances of the state. But these prophers of evil, have been thoroughly discredited. Our first budget was a surplus one; there is a favorable balance of trade, and a steady and an all-round improvement in the economic field. One year is a brief period m the history of a state for finally assessing its progress or predicting its future. But the way in which tremendous difficulties have been overcome and solid progress recorded during the last twelve months, gives a firm basis for optimism. In the administrative field, we had to start from scratch; at the center. West Punjab, at the very inception of our state, we had to face very nearly a breakdown of administrative machinery. But I am glad to say that we have successfully dealt with all threats to our solidarity and on some major questions of the day, the Pakistan government has displayed not only its determination but its capacity to deal effectively with the various world problems that have arisen from time to time. Nature has given you everything: you have got unlimited resources. The foundations of your state have been laid, and it is now for you to build and build as quickly and a well as you can. So go ahead and I wish you godspeed.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Eid Greetings



27 Aug 1948
Message to the Nation on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr
On this day of rejoicing, I send my greetings to Muslims all over the world and wish them a very happy Eid. For us the last Eid-ul-Fitr which followed soon after the birth of Pakistan was marred by the tragic happenings in East Punjab. The blood bath of last year and its aftermath—the mass migration of millions—presented a problem of unprecedented magnitude. To provide new moorings for this mass of drifting humanity strained our energies and resources to breaking point. The immensity of the task very nearly overwhelmed us and we could only just keep our heads above water.
The brief span of twelve months was not sufficient to see all the Mohajireens settled in profitable employment in Pakistan. Considerable progress has been made in resettling them but a good many remain to be rehabilitated. We cannot rejoice till every one of them has been put on his feet: again. I am sanguine that by next Eid this formidable and intractable problem will have been solved and all the refugees absorbed in Pakistan's economy as useful members of society. The history of the last twelve months has been one of continuous struggle against heavy odds, but what sustained us during these dark days was our unity of purpose and firm resolve to see that our young state did not founder under the blows of our enemies. We have weathered the worst storms, and the safety of the shore, though distant, is in sight. We can look to the future with robust confidence provided we do not relax and fritter away our energies in internal dissensions.
There never was greater need for discipline in our ranks. It is only with united effort and faith in our destiny that we shall be able to translate the Pakistan of our dreams into reality. You are celebrating Eid today after a month of fasting. Why was fasting enjoined upon Muslims if it were not to teach them discipline and orderliness? These are the virtues to cultivate and in that lies your salvation and that of the nation.
My Eid message to our brother Muslim States is one of friendship and goodwill. We are all passing through perilous times. The drama of power politics that is being staged in Palestine, Indonesia and Kashmir should serve as an eye opener to us. It is only by putting up a united front that we can make our voice felt in the counsels of the world. Let me, therefore, appeal to you—in whatever language you may put, when the essence of my advice is boiled down, it comes to this—that every Musalman should serve Pakistan honestly, sincerely and selflessly.

Quaid-e-Azam Opens Fund for Refugees



12 Sep 1947
Appeal to the nation for contribution to the Quaid-e-Azam's Relief Fund for refugees. The sufferings that have been inflicted on our people in the East Punjab, Delhi and various other parts of the Dominion of India have few parallels in their extent.
They have confronted Pakistan on the morrow of its birth with problems of gigantic dimensions. Since we assumed office, the government and I have been spending the best part of our time and energy in dealing with this grave crisis which continues to assume greater proportions as one disaster follows another. Now,  we have to think in terms of affording relief to those millions of our brethren who have been stricken by this calamity.
The nation is aware that an Emergency Committee of the Cabinet has been constituted for the purpose which is meeting daily and a separate Ministry for Refugees. Evacuees and Rehabilitation had been set up. We are determined to mobilize the resources of state to the fullest extent to cope with this colossal task and to overcome all difficulties. But in a national crisis of such magnitude, resources of the state must necessarily be supplemented by those of people themselves and private charity and their support and co- operation can accomplish much which government organization and aid alone cannot.
I have given the most anxious and careful thought to how this can be done and have decided to institute forthwith a fund— fund to be known as the Quaid-e-Azam's Relief Fund. The Fund will be administered by a Central Committee consisting of six members—myself, the Finance Minister, the Minister for Refugees, Evacuees and Rehabilitation, the Governor of Sindh, the President of the Sindh Provincial Muslim League and the Auditor-General of Pakistan who will be the Treasurer. Under the Central (Committee) Committees, with the Governor (in the case of Balochistan, the Chief Commissioner as Chairman) will be set up a which will in turn organize District Committees. Sacrifice Comfort I appeal to the nation to come forward with generous contributions to that fund and to stint no sacrifice or effort for this purpose. There are millions who are living in safety and security and enjoying the comforts of life, while countless numbers of their fellow human beings have suffered and are suffering grievously. Now is the time for the former to make the greatest possible voluntary sacrifices of comfort and of the material things they possess. Let every man and woman resolve from this day to live henceforth strictly on an austerity basis in respect of food, clothing and other amenities of life and let the money, foodstuffs and clothing thus saved be brought to this common pool for the relief of the stricken. The winter is approaching and in the Punjab and Delhi partics provide refugees protection against it.

Eid-ul-Azha: A Symbol of the Islamic Spirit of Sacrifice

24 Oct 1947
God often tests and tries those whom he loves. He called upon Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice the object he loved most. Ibrahim answered the call and offered to sacrifice his son.
Message to the nation on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, God often tests and tries those whom He loves. He called upon Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice what he loved the most. Prophet Ibrahim answered that call and offered to sacrifice his son.
Today too, God is testing and trying the Muslims of Pakistan and India. He has demanded great sacrifices from us. Our newly born state is bleeding from wounds inflicted by our enemies. Our Muslim brethren in India are being victimized and oppressed as Muslims for their help and sympathy for the establishment of Pakistan. Dark clouds surround us on all sides for the moment but we are not daunted, for I am sure, if we show the same spirit of sacrifice as it was shown by Prophet Ibrahim, God would rend the clouds and shower His blessings on us as He did on Ibrahim. Let us, therefore, on the day of Eid-ul-Azha which symbolizes the spirit of sacrifice enjoined by Islam, resolve that we shall not be deterred from our objective of creating a state of our own concept by any amount of sacrifice, trials or tribulations which may lie ahead of us and that we shall bend all our energies and resources to achieve our goal. I am confident that in spite of its magnitude, we shall overcome this grave crisis as we have in our long history surmounted many others and notwithstanding the efforts of our enemies, we shall emerge triumphant and strong from the dark night of suffering and show to the world that the state exists not for life but for good life. On this sacred day, I send greetings to our Muslim brethren all over the world both on behalf of myself and the people of Pakistan. For us in Pakistan, this day of thanksgiving and rejoicing has been overshadowed by the suffering and sorrow of five million Muslims in East Punjab and its neighborhood. I hope that, wherever Muslim men and women foregather on this solemn day, they will remember in their prayers these unfortunate men, women and children who have lost their dear ones, hearths and homes and are undergoing an agony and suffering as great and cruel as any yet inflicted on humanity. In the name of this mass of suffering humanity I renew my appeal to Muslims wherever they may be, to extend to us in this hour of danger and need, their hand of brotherly sympathy, support-and co-operation. Nothing on earth now can undo Pakistan.
The greater the sacrifices we are made to undergo the purer and more chastened shall we emerge like gold from fire. So my message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.
Pakistan Zindabad