Independence Through Ages

Pakistan Movement is synonymous with the spirit of Islam. The first brick of the foundation of Pakistan was laid in 712 AD when Mohammad Bin Qasim anchored at Debal Port (now known as Karachi), freed the Muslim women and children from the prisons of Raja Dahir and constructed the first mosque in the area.
Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, acclaimed the event: 
“The Pakistan Movement started when the first Muslim put his foot on the soil of Sindh, the gateway of Islam in India."
The war of independence in 1857 was an open manifestation of the Muslim spirit of revolt against domination of the British government and its stooges in India, frustration and lack of direction, however, pervaded the rank of Muslims after the unfortunate failure the war. At this critical juncture emerged Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who served as a beacon light for the Muslim nation in distress and disarray.
The Independence movement is categorized into following three eras.